Magento 2 Wechat Payment Extension

Wechat is a popular social connect platform in China. It is like Facebook. Wechat also offers services that allow you to accept payment from customers.

Merchat can use Wechat Official Account which links to your website to offer products or services to customers.

This extension brings Wechat payment ability to Magento 2.

It enables the following payment methods now:

  1. Using ‘Scan QR code’ in Wechat to pay
  2. Payment in ‘Wechat Official Accounts’

This extension is suitable for merchant who wants to do business in China Mainland.


  1. It combines all the methods wechat offered, and can automatically detect device type. It is considerate!
  2. We provide free upgrage, and will let it be suitable for all platform.
  3. This extension not only wait the wechat payment notice, but also will send requests to wechat to inquire the payment status. It can reduce mistakes.
  4. Unsuccessful payment won’t clear customer’s shopping cart, It is more convenient than usual solution.
  5. This extension considered the vast majority of cases, such as pay twice, fraud.

Contact Info : QQ 1518525862 Gmail

Below video shows how the extension works.

该插件可以让您的 Magento 网店接受微信付款。微信是中国流行的社交平台。



  1. 首个扫码支付和公众号支付二合一的插件,PC 微信都能用,更省心!
  2. 终身免费升级,实现全平台。
  3. 双重验证机制,主动查询订单情况,防止漏通知。
  4. 支付不成功,购物车也不会清空,更方便!
  5. 客户傻傻重复支付?欺诈?通通有考虑。

联系信息:QQ 1518525862 Gmail

ThankIT 重磅推出 Magento 2 微信支付插件了解更多设计之初的考虑要点。


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